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 Commercial Financing Programs

MULTI-FAMILY Financing Programs
First Mortgages

Standard Loan-to-Value: 65% up to 75%
Interest Rate  11-15%
Loan Term: 1-3 years with extensions up to 5 years
Extension Fee .5 to 1 point
Amortization -Interest Only
Origination Fee - 2-6 points
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Purchasing Distress Debt
Standard Loan-to-Value: 65% up to 75%
Interest Rate  TBD
Loan Term: 1-5 years
Amortization -TBD
Origination Fee - 2-6 points
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Purchasing Distress Debt - 3rd Party
Standard Loan-to-Value: 65% up to 75%
Interest Rate  TBD
Loan Term: 1-5 years
Extension Fee .5 to 1 point
Amortization- Interest Only
Origination Fee - 2-6 points
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Bridge Funding, Mezzanine And Preferred Equity
Purchasing Distress Debt - 3rd Party
$3-30 Million (we can go higher)
3-5 week turn around
Initial term for 1-3 years, with extensions up to 5 years
LTV'S as high as 80%
LTC's as high as 90%
(even higher for note purchases or deals we really like)
Funds for Note Purchases have no maximum amount
Nationwide Program (for west coast deals would prefer they are larger
 $8M and up)
Fixed Rate and Non Recourse
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Conduit Lending
Looking for good assets on deals $10 Million and up
Competitive Pricing
Up to 10 years
Up to 75% LTV
Non Recourse
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Bridge Loans
Bridge Loans are most appropriate for situational financing needs including time-sensitive, special opportunities and distress financing.
Security: 1st and 2nd mortgages
Loan-to-Value: Up to 70%
Loan Size: Starting at $1,000,000
Interest Rate : Starting at 10%
Term : Up to 3 years
Recourse: Flexible
Amortization: Typically interest only
Origination  Fee: Starting at 2%
Geography: Nationwide (major markets)
Asset Type: All commercial property types considered.
(No Land or Residential Properties)
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Term: 1-3 years
Amortization: Interest Only
Lending Area: United States
Collateral : All types of real estate considered
Loan Amounts: $500,000 - $20 Million
Loan To Value: Up to 65%
Interest Rates: 10%- 14%
Closing Time : 1-2 Weeks
No Pre-Payment Penalty
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SBA 504 Program
The U.S. Small Business Administration's 504 program is intended to create jobs based upon a formula that has been modified several times over the years.  Particular preference is given to rural, economically disadvantaged areas and minority and female applicants for which SBA may waive the job creation requirement.  The loan proceeds must be used to finance long-term assets such as real estate and fixtures which makes the program ideal for construction, for expansion of manufacturing facilities and other job intensive structures.

Typically $250,000 and up.  Because of the complicated processing, lower loan amounts are often relegated to other loan programs and higher amounts may be too risky for most lenders.  504 loans are processed by SBA-licensed Certified Development Corporations (CDC).  The CDC creates a SBA guaranteed subordinated debenture (similar to a 2nd mortgage).  The debenture, up to $1.5 million ($4 million for manufacturing) is piggy-backed with a conventional first mortgage of any amount.  It's usually provided by a local bank.  The borrowing Small Business Concern (SBC) makes one payment to the CDC which is then proportionately paid to the bank and to the trustee for the debenture holder.

The debenture rate is fixed at closing at a rate close to treasury securities of like term.  Banks may charge a fixed or floating market rate for their conventional portion along with points and fees.  The result is a blended rate to the SBC.  The CDC also charges fees.

The SBA portion is usually 20 years and the conventional portion is usually 10 years.

For-profit SBCs with a history of success in the same industry for which the funds are to be used.  There are some company size and industry type exclusions.

Up to 90% of the cost for existing SBCs, 85% for start-ups.  A classic percentage approved by SBA is where the bank's conventional loan is 50%, the debenture is 40% and the SBC provides 10% or more.  An example financing of a $1,875,000 plant expansion might look like this: 

$750,000 -- SBA Subordinated debenture @ 6% fixed for 20 years.
$937,500 -- Bank conventional loan @ 8%, 10 years adjustable every 3 years.
$1,687,500 -- Total loan @ blended rate and term.
$187,500 -- Minimum cash requirement from SBC
$1,875,000 -- Total plant expansion

When You Need To Close Using Bank Instruments- 4 Days Only
Proof Of Funds
Bank Guarantee
Stand-By-Letter of Credit
Documentary Letter of Credit
Cash Account
Verification Swift MT 760
Swift MT799
Hard Copy Delivery
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